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Physical Practice


I had done a research in health care or the aged patients in the modern society .The reason for choosing the topic for researching is my mother as a widow had passed through 99 years and eight months o her complete life. My Association and physical closeness with my mother ,witnessed the agony and poor sight, partial Dementia ,poor gait in walking gave me an insight to this research.


If death occurs

While patient is very seriously ill the message is informed to the guardian .

When death is comfirmed and certified by DR. incharge the body is cleaned ,dressed, packed well and placed in the freezer box.

The body will be released to the guardian With the death certificate.

So for we have taken care of …….patients

Getting old is a process in the earthly life should be an accepted fact that will help one in life journey .There is a time to be born and time to die. Growing old is in between, Dimness of eye sight loss of hearing ,joint pain and General weakness, Set in us part of the change .It is a challenging experience and people must be encouraged to face it with comfort.

Twentieth century has been declared century of longevity .One must realize that death paradoxically is a positive life force. Once we accept this phenomena we begin to appreciate the wonders of life It is best to give all we have during our life time. Instead of talking about our aches and pain it is better to first accept all the as part of our life. Ageing should be accompanied with physical fitness , good health and overall satisfaction of living and achieving in life.